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Currency Trading Training TAMIL NADU, Forex Reviews TAMIL NADU, Best Forex Broker TAMIL NADU, Forex Signals TAMIL NADU, Forex Fund Management TAMIL NADU Technical Analysis Part I-Section IV: Trends and Range bound Conditions Currency Trading Training TAMIL NADU, Forex Reviews TAMIL NADU, Best Forex Broker TAMIL NADU, Forex Signals TAMIL NADU, Forex Fund Management TAMIL NADU Section IV: Trends and Range bound Conditions Trend One of the basic principles of technical analysis, as we have already discussed, is that the price (or market) trends. But what exactly does that mean? Or more importantly, when is the market trending? It is said that the market is trending when price action reaches – UPTRENDING – successive higher highs and higher lows on its way up DOWNTRENDING – lower lows and lower highs on its way down. Another important question traders should answer is, when is the market not considered to be trending? That leads us to the next concept… Range Bound and Ranging Markets The market is not trending when it is not following a clear direction (up or down). This is condition is also called as sideways or trendless markets. Now, the market could be ranging in two different ways: when […]