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USOIL: Falling Down With The Hard Resistance Barriers- BULLISH.

        Oil, firing down its price-range throughout the globe. Technically, US oil also facing the same issues, that could be the compliment for Sellers. A mighty reversal from the 71.37 resistance zone holding the price range in down-trend. Currently, the price range marking its presence at 67.54 and the candles are growing in down-trend. The correction action from the 66.83 tried to recover its price range, but a single Impulse from the 68.48 broke the all its attempt. This an add-on for the downtrend, every down-trend Impulse will act as a barrier resistance. So, the market has a solid chance to Tend an Impulse, this action, could easily fetch the quote 65.27. On the contrary, if the Signals got a reversal from the Current trend means, end the trade at 68.64. HAVE A LOOK ON THE CHART AND DECIDE YOUR TRADE. SIGNAL SPECIFICATIONS Entry: 67.54 Take Profit: 65.29 Stop loss: 68.66 Risk Vs Reward: 2.01 Happy trading. Hit like, comment and follow for More profitable trades. FOREX TRADING / FOREX TRAINING / FOREX ACCOUNT OPENING CONTACT US Mail : [email protected] Skype : qmanager.live Phone : 0091 9600329983 and 0091 9487929983 Whatsup: +91-9600329983 and viber: +91-9600329983 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forextamil/ Facebook : www.facebook.com/forextamil4u Twitter: https://twitter.com/forextamil […]