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Singapore-forex-trading, forex-Singapore-trading, forex-brokers-Singapore, forex-brokers-in-Singapore, Singapore-forex-brokers, forex-Singapore-brokers LIVE CHALLENGING SIGNAL– BUY ETHUSD Signal Specification: Pair: ETHUSD Order: Buy CMP Entry: 306.50 Take Profit : 382.41 Stop loss : 264.94 Risk Vs Reward: 1.83 Our Unique Features: 1. Follow our continuous 15 signals ….Your capital increased upto 10% in your equity surely. 2. We are not TP1, TP2, TP3.. 3. We are not Trailing stop! or average the trades. 4. 2% Risk Management Per trade. 5. Risk vs Reward upto 1:7. Note: Trade signals would usually have a risk to reward ratio of 1:2. This means that even if just 2 out of 4 signals hits their SL marks, the other two that would have closed profitably would allow you be in good overall pips profit. Signals are usually inter-day (Based on the daily candle) therefore, trades would usually have a holding time of an average minimum of 24 hours. Note: Everything works with Best money management. Note: Please leave comments for any query. Disclaimer: This is my trading experience, it is not an invite or recommendation to trade. Best Forextamil FOREX TRADING / FOREX TRAINING / FOREX ACCOUNT OPENING CONTACT US Mail : [email protected] Skype : qmanager.live Phone : 0091 9600329983 and […]

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BEST FOREX BROKERS LIST,FOREX PRIME BROKER,FOREX BROKERS SINGAPORE,RECOMMENDED FOREX BROKER,TOP 100 FOREX BROKERS LIST Price, Our Best Indicator-Trader’s Diary BEST FOREX BROKERS LIST,FOREX PRIME BROKER,FOREX BROKERS SINGAPORE,RECOMMENDED FOREX BROKER,TOP 100 FOREX BROKERS LIST Dear Diary, It has been a busy few days and I have just finished the first Advanced Lesson in the forextamil course. Was quite hard work but I had done the Basic one too and that really helped understand some of the points they made. I am working fulltime so have mostly been studying in the evening but managed to sneak a look at some charts at work today. As long as I look busy and nod wisely at the computer screen they think I am working hard – it is great getting paid to learn! Don’t tell the boss though… I must admit to being a bit fed up with the 8-5 workday and same routine getting paid to make someone else money. It made me really cross when my leave got cancelled last week as we were short of staff – I had planned a few days away and everything..hmmm! I have decided I really want to be my own boss and get rewarded for […]