The Sliver Prices Are Indecisive:

The Silver prices are indecisive, watching the treads of trade negotiations between US governments and China. Silver moves slightly bearish at the close of last week trading on Friday, dropping 0.02% to $17.07, technically we seeing price at 17.04 as at the time of analysing the pair which we might see price touching our downtrend support line around 16.5 and pullback to the resistance line around 18.00…..

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday that he is willing to reach a trade agreement with the United States, but, although he would like to reach a trade agreement, he is not afraid to retaliate if necessary.President Jinping said he strives to act so that the “phase one” agreement be based on mutual respect and equality. However, “when necessary, we will fight, but we have been working on trying not to have a trade war,” he added.

Analysts warn that if the trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies spreads, the global economy could be severely affected.The next date that investors are looking at is December 15, the day when new US tariffs over $156 billion in Chinese products would come into effect.

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