The 145.90 confined the Pair GBPJPY uptrend the pair has to surpass two trend lines, 146.50 & 148.00, the 148.50 may get highlighted in order to Justify to its strength. On a daily basis, if the pair managed rally beyond the 148.50 means, the 149.30 and the 150.00 round numbers may get highlighted in the Bull’s arena and the 150.60, the 151.30 and the 152.60 can challenge the optimists forward.


On the contrary, the 144.30 will be the immediate support zone for the next halt, the zones near 143.00, could entertain the short term sellers. If the quotes rally beneath the 143.00, the 142.50, the 141.30 and the 139.850 might please the bears.


Have a look on the chart, watch-out the price movements and decide your trade.
12 Sep 2018 3:24 pm Posted by admin