Oftenly, people use to call forex trading is a kind of gambling.

But I believe, that trading is a cup of technical facts and it apart from those lucky factors.
So, I would like to invite you all to my game of gambling.

Will my trade hit the target or not?

In the above pair, I booked my trade at the price range of 1.95361 with the target as 1.94097 and stop loss at 1.95325.

By my analysis, I’m expecting a Sureshot hike from the current price action.

Let see what yet to happen, whether it going to add in my profit count or in loss count?

As I mentioned, trading is full of technical facts, not a lucky factor.

The price action hit my target level and bagged approx.5915$ in my profit count.

If you still consider it as a gambling mean, it’s up to you.


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06 Jul 2018 3:30 pm Posted by admin