The dollar index itself reached, a strong bearish trend and a good resistance zone. the price formed a hidden divergence on 4Hr time frame.

At 0.76527, price hit the resistance and fell down. There a strong reaction accrued. The signals intended to form a correction, due the break out it ended up another impulse.

On the price zone, the previous mark becoming a resistance for market. So, the correction will tend a pullback and boost up the downtrend.

This level of pushing price down making USD stronger.

The momentum have not stop yet, chance for rise-up is low.

this level may announce the end of dollar rally e on all major pair crossed with. I can see a clear projection for a down run.

Even we can expect a small move up to first resistance. it all because of market ravage fundamentals. But not enough to reverse the trend.

It’s a big profit with possible low risks. coz it still dominated by bearish momentum.

Take profit:0.75193
Stop loss:0.76348
Risk Vs Reward:3.41
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