Market is a boomerang, it always depends up-on the past.
when you have a keen look on the signals, it forms a corrective structure.
Its a clear proof for bullish impulse. (shown in graph)
After impulse, the signal leads a solid trend line.
Candles are so strong on that, this pattern remembrance Flag correction. (shown in graph)
This is the perfect time to trade on profitable accuracy.
Currently, the price stucks in trend line support.
As, i said the candles start to grow towards resistance.
It’s a extra back-bone for gold.
Time for HEAD SHOTS.
Signal specifications.
ENTRY: 1303.567
Take profit: 1347.218
Stop loss: 1281.207
Risk vs Reward: 2%
Our Unique Features:
1. Follow our 15 signals ….10% equity will increase in your account for sure.
2. We are not TP1, TP2, TP3..
3. We are not Trailing stop! or average the trades.
4. 2% Risk Management Per trade.
5. Risk vs Reward upto 1:7.
Trade signals would usually have a risk to reward ratio of 1:2.
It means that, even 2 out of 4 signals hits their SL marks, the other two would have closed with profit.
This allow you to be good in overall pips profit.
Signals are usually inter-day (Based on the daily candle) therefore, trades would usually have a holding time of an average minimum of 24 hours.
Note: Everything works with Best money management.
Note: Please leave comments for any query.
Disclaimer: This is my trading experience, it is not an invite or recommendation to trade.
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25 May 2018 1:21 pm Posted by admin